Keirstead Designs

In 2007 I started my dream of running my own graphic design company. I started doing small items for my internship, We Get Rid of It, and has expanded from there. Keirstead Designs focuses on creating simple and clean results. The philosophy is that there is no reason to not use the page as an element in the design.

About Keith


My love for art began when I received an art kit for Christmas one year when I was about 6. Ever since then I have loved both creating and viewing art. Throughout high school I took every art class given, from General Art to Visual Communications to Sculpture. In my senior year I was elected to the National Art Honor Society. After graduation I attended the New England Institute of Art in Brookline, MA. In 2007 I graduated with a Bachelor in Science, Graphic Design.

In my non art related life I enjoys various outdoors sports, including Disc Golf, Football, Baseball and running. As much as I can, I enjoy going out into the great wilderness camping and hiking, yes even during the winter. I also enjoys video games, brewing beer, hanging out with friends and enjoying life. As much as design is my work I enjoy learning about new designs and computer technology in my off time.