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Keith Keirstead

New England, USA

Hello! I’m Keith, a self-taught landscape photographer. I started doing photography as a way to get out of the house and away from computer screens. As an endpoint engineer, I spend 8+ hours a day infront of 3+ screens. After work there is nothing better than chasing that nights sunset or getting outside and hiking in the mountains of New Hampshire and Vermont on the weekends.

When I'm not out taking pictures I enjoy camping, skiing, visiting new craft breweries or grabbing a beer at an old favorite.

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My Interests

Video games
Craft Beer

My favorite types of photography


Whether it's traveling around New England by car or hiking I am always looking for the sweeping mountian views or catching the perfect reflection off the closest pond or resrvoir.


Sometimes it's hard to wake up (or too cold!) for sunrise but its usually worth it! One of my favorite places to catch sunrise is from the summit of Mount Wachusett, I've got the hike to the summit timed down to 25 minutes! But it's always the most peaceful time I've day, wherever I end up I'm usually the only one around.


After a long day at work theres nothing better than leaving the office and going out to catch sunset, its a great way to relax and unwind. As you can see by my portflio one of the most popular places that I catch sunset is the Old Stone Church which is in a perfect setting for sunset.


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Blueridge Parkway Panorama

Super Moon

Deer in camo

Breaking clouds at sunset



Blueridge Parkway #1

My two sunrise friends

Blueridge Parkway #2

Old Stone Church fall sunset

Stratton Fire Tower

Snowy Old Stone Church

Still reflection sunset

Sunset, Skaket Beach #1


Old Stone Church after thunderstorms

Hamilton Falls, Jamaica, VT


Big Dipper on the Cape

Stratton Mountain

Philidelphia from the "Rocky" stairs

Sunset through the Old Stone Church

Sunset, Skaket Beach #1

Old Stone Church at Sunrise


Lincoln Memorial

Palm Tree Sunrise, Orlando, FL

Morning Bird

Old Stone Church at Sunrise

Cape Cod Sunset


Ski lifts at Mount Snow

Washington Monument

Powerlines at sunset

Thunderstorms over the Old Stone Church

Skyline Drive

So close!

Game of Thrones?

US Navy F/A-18C Hornet

Dew on a Spiderweb

Peaceful Old Stone Chruch

Old Stone Chruch at Sunset

Nubble Lighthouse at Sunrise

Nubble Lighthouse


Space Shuttle

Nubble Lighthouse at Sunrise


Winter Old Stone Chruch

Winter Old Stone Chruch

Old Stone Church at night

Melting Ice

Winter sunset at Old Stone Church #1

Morning Waves, Nauset Beach, Cape Cod

LED Wall

Nubble Light at Sunrise

Wild flowers


Winter sunset at Old Stone Church #2

Rows of teeth

Trail off Mount Washington

Foggy Fall

Falls off the Blueridge Parkway

Monadnock Panorama at sunrise

Hunters moon

Fall river trip

Sunset at Skaket Beach

Perfect setset take 1

Harvest Moon

Thunderstorm Sunset

Blue Heron

Spring sunset of Wachusett Mountain

Layers of sunset

Perfect sunset take 2

Junior Bald Eagle

Swan Song

US Captial from the Smithsonian

Small brook

Milky Way over Monadnock

Boston Skyline from Wachusett Mountain

Old Stone Church Winter

NH Sunrise

NH Sunset

NH campsite sunset

NH Campsite sunrise

View off Kancamagus

Snowcapped Mount Washington

NH Campsite sunrise


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